Mysterious Metal Box Washed up on Florida Beach

Officials in Titusville, Florida have a bona fide mystery on their hands after a mysterious metal box washed up on a secluded beach.

The rusty box, which appeared Thursday on Playalinda Beach, measures 8 feet tall and 20 feet long, according to the Canaveral National Seashore. Because the box is empty, the Canaveral's Kristen Kneifl says her "best guess" is the box might be a ballast tank, which is a compartment that helps stabilize ships.

Apparently, amateur sleuths will have plenty of time to check out the object on their own; Kneifl says it will be some time before workers will be able to remove the box from the beach. "’Unlike maybe some boats or other things that wash up, where we can kind of chain saw it apart and get it over one of our boardwalks, it doesn’t look like it can be cut up," she says. "So, it’s going to have to be removed from the water, from the oceanside."

What do you think the strange box is?

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