VIDEO: Woman Meant to Take Ibuprofen, But Ate Her AirPod

It's never a pleasant experience when you ACCIDENTALLY SWALLOW something . . . and it's even worse when it's an expensive pair of headphones. And yes, that HAS happened . . . recently.

A 27-year-old woman named Carli Bellmer is going viral, for sharing an experience where she meant to take an Ibuprofen 800 . . . but downed her left AirPod instead.

She said she was crawling into bed, and had the Ibuprofen in one hand, and the AirPod in the other, and accidentally ate the wrong one. She realized her mistake right away . . . and started freaking out.

It WAS crazy. She sent a friend a frantic voice memo, and the AirPod . . . which was connected to her iPhone . . . audibly transmitted from INSIDE her body.

Then when she disconnected it, she got notifications from Apple that an unknown AirPod was traveling with her, and she could "play a sound" to locate it.

Thankfully, she's okay. In an update, she said she "had a feeling" she passed it . . . but chose NOT to "retrieve it," which . . . is very understandable. She also had an x-ray afterward to make sure that everything was cool.

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