WATCH: Bald Eagle Swoops In, Snatches Shark From a Fisherman’s Line

A Utah fisherman who managed to hook a shark while angling in Florida over the weekend watched in horror as a bald eagle swooped down and snatched his catch the moment he pulled it out of the water.

Chad Rissman, who'd just received his fishing license earlier that day, caught the shark while fishing on a beach off the Dunedin Causeway, according to his wife, Amanda. After a lengthy struggle to reel in the ocean predator, Rissman pulled him into shallow water and was preparing to cut it loose -- when a huge bald eagle came swooping down and grabbed the shark.

Amanda Rissman says after dropping the toothy fish on the beach, the bald eagle dined on its stolen meal for at least 20 minutes before flying away.

Have you ever had a scare involving a bald eagle? How about a shark?

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