Gwar Helps Fan Reunite with Prosthetic Leg at Show

It's easy to lose things at concerts, but this lost item at a recent Gwar show was much bigger (and more important) than a phone or keys.

A fan at a recent Gwar show lost his prosthetic LEG while crowdsurfing.

Gwar shared the clip on their Instagram page, showing bassist Beefcake the Mighty announcing, “If anybody’s got a fake leg out there, or got an extra fake leg out there, send it this way, because this guy need his f**king leg."

“Not the first (or last) time someone lost a body part in the GWAR pit," Gwar wrote in the post. "This time it was just caught on video."

Don't worry-the man found his leg!

Have you ever lost anything at a concert? Did you ever find it?

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