Nick's Ice Cream Releases Holiday Inspired Ice Cream

I know the weather is warm one day and cold the next, but no matter the temperature, I still will eat ice cream!

Just in time for the holidays, Nick's Ice Cream known for its fun Swedish branding and no-added sugar, has launched 3 festive new flavors to enjoy this holiday season. Since N!CK's has no added sugar, there is a guilt-free low calorie, low carbs story aided by sweet natural food science (plant-based extracts from things like birch, fig, and raisins sweeten N!CK's full portfolio). Here are nutritionals for the holiday flavors:

  • Swedish Apple Pieice cream has no added sugar, is low calorie, only 8 net carbs, only 290 calories per pint
  • Cheesecake Snö-flaka is low calorie, no added sugar, only 8 net carbs, and only 290 calories per pint. 
  • Keto-friendly Pepparmynta Polka is low calorie, no added sugar, only 5 grams net carbs, and only 260 calories per pint.

Let me tell you, these are AMAZING!!! You can pick these up and many other amazing flavors including my favorite Peanöt Butter Cup, at Walmart & on NICK'S website HERE

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