Eric Clapton Successfully Sues Widowed Fan Over Bootleg Recording Listing

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Photo: Getty Images

A German woman who listed a bootlegged copy of an Eric Clapton concert on eBay has been ordered to fork over $4,000 in legal fees in a lawsuit filed by the legendary singer-guitarist.

In a decision handed down Wednesday, a judge in Dusseldorf, Germany ruled in favor of Clapton, telling the unidentified fan if she continues to peddle the CD, she’ll be sentenced to prison, court documents reveal. For her part, the woman has maintained the recording was not a bootleg; she says her late husband bought it from a major department store in 1987.

Although Clapton didn’t appear in court, he sent his attorney with a signed affidavit confirming that the recording of a 1980s concert was indeed illegal.

Was Clapton a little overzealous in filing this lawsuit?

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