Florida Man Kicked Off Flight for Wearing Women's Underwear as a Mask

A Florida man was kicked off a United Airlines flight Wednesday after he boarded wearing an unconventional mask on his face: women's underwear.

Cape Coral resident Adam Jeene says he was only trying to "test" the federal mask mandate by responding to a "silly" rule in a "silly way." However, the flight crew apparently didn't find his choice of a mask -- red thong underwear -- to be humorous. Video taken by another passenger shows Jeene being escorted off the plane, the lower half of his face still covered by the undergarment.

Not only was Jeene forced to skip his trip to Washington D.C., but also he'll never be able to fly on United ever again. He says he received an email from the airlines that informs him he's been banned from all future flights. A rep for United says Jeene was only booted because he "wasn't in compliance with the federal mask mandate."

Do you think the federal mask mandate is "silly?" What's the weirdest mask you've seen?

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