What Was the beloved Betty White's net worth upon her passing?

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Even the most evil person on Earth didn't want Betty White to die. But at the same time, I'll bet she had a lot of animal charities in her will, and they're gonna make some bank.

The website Celebrity Net Worth claims Betty was worth $75 MILLION when she died last week.

It's not clear what Betty was making for "The Golden Girls". . . but between when the show ended in 1992 and her death last week, she reportedly pocketed $87 million in reruns alone.

She made another $9.6 million doing six seasons of "Hot in Cleveland".

Speaking of Betty . . . She may have loved animals, but she didn't mind EATING THEM. She loved hot dogs in particular. And one of her favorite restaurants was Pink's Hot Dogs in L.A.

Betty ate her dogs plain, no toppings. Just meat and a bun. She even once told the owner, quote, "You can tell everybody that Betty White gets naked at Pink's." So from now on, Pink's will sell the Betty White Naked Hot Dog.

And for the next week, proceeds from sales of it will go to the Los Angeles Zoo.

Also, Betty's hometown of Oak Park, Illinois will celebrate Betty White Day on January 17th, which would have been her 100th birthday.

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