INTERVIEW: W. Morrissey On IMPACT! Wrestling, Return To The Ring & MORE

Photo: Photos Courtesy, IMPACT Wrestling

During an interview on the Battleground Podcast, W. Morrissey (former WWE star Big Cass) talked about this weekends Hard To Kill PPV, his goals for 2022, and more.

When asked about tag team wrestling Morrisey and if he wanted to go back into tag team wrestling full time he said:

“I wouldn’t want to go back to tag teams full time. There is somewhere down the line for me and nZo to get back together, but I’m focused on a singles run right now. I think it’s what I’ve always wanted. I think it’s what I’ve always been destined to do, and I need to take advantage of the opportunities now because I had a lot of opportunities that were thrown my way that I wasted. That’s something that I have to go to sleep with at night knowing that. The opportunity is there for me to succeed as a singles star, and I think it’s going to happen. I think we’re in the process of watching it happen. For me going forward, singles is the way to go because I think for me right now where I’m at mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, I think it’s a way better fit for me to be out there on my own.”

Check out the full interview below

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