Starbucks Customer Sparks Debate After Ending A 23 Car Pay It Forward Chain

While the idea of paying for someone else’s purchase may sound like a nice thing, all those good feelings go away if you feel pressured to do so, and that’s certainly the case when you find yourself in one of those pay it forward lines at the drive-thru. So, is it okay to end the line?

Well, that’s exactly the debate going on right now, which was prompted by a TikToker who revealed that he ended a 23 car pay it forward line at a Starbucks drive-thru. 

"At Starbucks they were doing the pay for the person behind you thing," user @im_blessed55 shared in a vid that’s been watched over a million times. "I pulled up and ended a 23 car streak." He added, “They tried to set me up," revealing that while his order was just $6, the car behind him spent $46, which he would not pay. He then asked, "How y'all feel about this? Am I wrong? What would y'all have done?" 

  • Well, a lot of people think it was perfectly okay for him to end the pay It forward streak.
    • “Unfortunately, I'd be the same,” one person noted. “I can't drop $46 on someone else's order most days cause I can barely afford my own order.”
  • Some baristas said they actually love it when the chain finally ends.
    • "As a drive-thru employee, my favorite people were the ones who would end these godforsaken lines,” one person share, while another said a barista once "begged" her to end it "because she said it was too complicated."
  • But others think he was wrong to end it.
    • "I start the pay it forwards all the time," one person commented. "If I had it, i'd pay the $46. I believe in good and bad karma."
    • Another suggested, “You could always pay it forward by putting the cost of your drink towards the person behind you instead of the full amount.” 

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