Ted Nugent Blasts Bruce Springsteen, Kind Of

Ted Nugent is giving Bruce Springsteen a backhanded compliment. 

In a new interview, the Nuge said that "dirtbag" Bruce Springsteen always hires the best musicians to help him play live in concert. 

Nugent explained, “You couldn't get further apart ideologically, politically or truth, logic and common sense-wise than me and Bruce Springsteen, but here I'll show a little love for Bruce. I've been able to perform on the 'Conan' show with [Bruce's] E Street Band, which is one of the greatest joys of my life. I've always been surrounded by the best musicians, and that's the perfect example. So I give him that salute for having that quality of virtuosos that deliver his music." 

Nugent went on to say, "Instead of going after Bruce for being a dirtbag and supporting communists like [Joe] Biden and [Barack] Obama, people that ruined quality of life, especially for minorities, I would like to salute Bruce Springsteen because he always supported Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, a foundational, fortified A-10 Warthog of musical authority in all great bands' lives. And if nothing else, if I met Bruce, I wouldn't punch him. I always have Mike Tyson with me, and I give him a hundred bucks to punch assholes. And I wouldn't have Mike punch him. I would say, 'Mike, take a minute off. Go find some other asshole to punch.’” 

Nugent ended by saying, “But I'm gonna say 'thank you' to Bruce Springsteen because we share the reverence and the admiration for musical integrity, enthusiasm. And you have to admit Bruce's career is based on his musical heart and soul. The delivery and content of his lyrics I don't abide by most of the time, but I would thank him for his enriching lives with powerful music. I wouldn't go into his communist predilections. I would also thank him for doing a 9/11 tribute. So he's got some great, great spirit."

Could you say something nice about the person you hate the most?

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