Fans Blame Gisele Bundchen for Tom Brady Retirement

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback hasn't said much about the retirement rumors, but some of his fans have found someone to blame: his wife.

Over on Twitter, people are pointing the finger at his wife Gisele Bundchen, tweeting, "Gisele breaking our hearts" and "Gisele won" with a broken heart emoji.

Some Twitter users have been less than subtle tweeting out, "I hate you Gisele" and "I’m gonna say it. I’ve never been a Gisele fan. I’m sorry."

In a 2020 interview, Brady said that Bundchen had expressed being unhappy with how much time he's taken away from the family to focus on football.

Do you think it's fair for fans to blame Gisele for her husband potentially retiring from football? At 44, is it time for Tom Brady to retire?

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