Sheriff says Dating Apps are Secretly Used to Sell Drugs

A Florida sheriff's investigation dubbed "Swipe Left for Meth" has resulted in the arrests of more than 60 drug dealers -- all of whom have been peddling their illegal narcotics on dating apps.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd says the suspects used ice cream cone and birthday cake emojis to indicate they were selling drugs, as well as code words like "party" and "Tina," the latter of which was used to identify methamphetamine. The drugs were sold through such apps as Grindr, Taimi and Scruff, Judd says. "It was a shock to us that they were openly advertising," Judd says. "Can you believe that? They were openly advertising that they were selling dope on a dating app."

Undercover officers struck up online conversations with the suspects and set up purchases for such drugs as meth, fentanyl, LSD, ecstasy, marijuana and cocaine, sheriff's officials say. "It was clear during the conversations and ensuing undercover drug buys that the suspects’ primary purposes for being on the dating app were to sell drugs — not to find a date," reads a release from the sheriff's office.

Have you ever come across a dating ad that seemed suspicious?

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