Uber Driver Caught Boyfriend with Another Woman When She Picked Them Up

These two had only just started dating. So I don't know if the guy was technically cheating, or just playing the field. But what are the odds here?

A woman in Pittsburgh named Jen Worden drives for Uber on the side. And she's going viral because she caught her guy with another chick . . . after SHE picked them up while they were on a date. She'd asked if he wanted to hang out last Friday, but he said he was going to a Penguins game with a "buddy." So she said cool, and decided to Uber that night instead to make some extra money.

A few hours later, she stopped to pick up her next passenger . . . and it turned out to be HIM with another woman. The woman who was with him booked the Uber. Otherwise, he might have realized and cancelled the ride. Jen says he didn't know it was her until they locked eyes in the rearview mirror. Then they didn't even address it. He just stayed quiet the entire ride. 

They talked later, and he told her the other woman was just a friend. But Jen found out from someone else that it was actually his EX. They eventually hashed it out, and he apologized. It's not clear if she plans to keep dating him or not. 

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