A Mall's Easter Bunny Actor Had to Be Tased by Police

With the Easter Bunny breaking into everyone's house to hide eggs each year, it's kind of amazing this hadn't happened yet . . .

A shopping mall's Easter Bunny actor got TASED by police in Illinois the other day. Luckily, he was NOT in costume when it happened, so any kids who were there weren't too traumatized.

It happened last Thursday night at St. Clair Square Mall in Fairview Heights, Illinois, and there aren't a ton of details yet.  (Fairview Heights is in southwestern Illinois, just outside St. Louis.)

Police say he was dressed as the Easter Bunny earlier in the day, but had changed out of his costume.

They haven't said what led up to it, but he assaulted a female cop around 7:00 P.M., and then started running through the mall.

Cops ended up having to tase him to get him into custody. It sounds like he could face felony charges for assaulting an officer.

No word yet from the mall, or the company they work with for their Easter Bunny meet-and-greets. So it's not clear if they've found a replacement bunny yet. 


(Here's the costume he was wearing earlier in the day.)

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