Angry Drivers Can Get Paid $4,000 to Let Out Their Pent-Up Road Rage

You know how some people are such angerballs that they seem like PROFESSIONAL ROAD RAGERS? Well, you can't actually be a pro at it, but you CAN be paid for it.

The website is looking for one angry driver to take part in a study examining road rage, and they'll be paid $4,000 for their time. Since there's only one position available, you'll have to be aggressive, confrontational, and reckless at pursuing the opportunity.  (???)

Here's how it'll work: The chosen road rager will be asked to take part in three, two-hour driving sessions per week over a month-long period. They'll be put in various scenarios through a driving simulator, and their reactions will be monitored, alongside their heart rate and blood pressure.

The person will also be required to keep a road rage DIARY.

You can apply on their website through October 31st.  You must be 25 . . . have at least one year of driving experience . . . and you'll have to provide examples of your road rage experiences. 

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