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Product Designed to Stop Cramps

Luckily, we live in an age where periods aren't so much of a taboo subject and we can openly discuss issues regarding PMS symptoms including one of the worst: cramps.

If you are one of the SUPER LUCKY ladies who does not have cramps, YAY you won't ever need this product and you can scroll on by!

But for the rest of us sad, crampy ladies - you'll want to pay attention!

Apparently there is a product on the market that helps relieve menstrual cramps! AND IT'S PORTABLE!

Livia  has two electrodes that you place on your abdomen and then you just clip the little device onto your pants and voila! 

Curious how it works? The electrodes emit small pulses, which in turn essentially distract your brain from receiving the pain signals!

This is great for a few (million) reasons! 

#1 - you don't have to lug that huge heating pad around with you everywhere you go

#2 - you don't have to use tons of medications

#3 - it charges by USB (which means no buying batteries constantly! YAY!)

Check out the video below AND their website (fun fact: the product is 25% off as part of their New Year's Sale)!


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