Steve Carell Trolls Fans after 'Will & Grace' Announce

Oh Steve Carell, how you always seem to make us laugh. Except this time, you are not funny. You are cruel. At least that's what thousands (possibly millions) of The Office fans thought yesterday when Carell tweeted this... 

If you're 'The Office' fan... this was HUGE news... so gigantic that the tweet soared in RTs and favorites in seconds. However... that excitement and shock quickly turned into a sad, angry, WTF moment when he followed up with this tweet. 

And then this was all of those thousands of fans... 

So many emotions in so little amount of time... 

So unfortunately, The Office IS NOT returning for a new season. At least not right now. But for 'Will & Grace' fans - this is HUGE news! We hope you sincerely enjoy having your favorite show back on TV even though we can't have ours. 


'The Office' Fans. 

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