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This Student Art Project is the Most Powerful Thing You'll See Today

A Nebraska Wesleyan University Student returned from the Women's March in Washington, D.C.  She wanted to show the lasting impact of an unwanted human touch on the female body.

She printed out a lifesize picture of a friend, and then fingerpainted, in different colors, the different touches she's experienced in her life.

Emma created a legend to explain the touches that each color represents

The piece has been retweeted over 125,000 times, and people are having a DEEP emotional reaction to Emma's work

As a man, it CRUSHES me that there are women in our society that have to feel this way, but major kudos to Emma (a 19-YEAR OLD, btw) for shedding light on something that so often gets ignored, brushed under the rug, or forgotten about.

It is not okay.

No means no.

Emma's talked about selling prints of her work, but no word on if it's officially happening. Follow her on Twitter here

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