A Little Something Extra With Your Redbox Movie

The world is a pretty scary place right now, but at least there's some good in humanity that we can focus on.

A young mom (I THINK in Texas) went to go rent a Redbox movie on Friday night...and got a little unexpected surprise when she opened it up.

Yep, slipped inside her rental of Deepwater Horizon was $100 cash and a note, from a stranger named Marcos.

The note read:

“Hello! My name is Marcos. Every month I take $100 that I’d normally spend on myself and give it away to stranger. This month I decided to change it up and put it in a Redbox DVD. You are the 1st giveaway of 2017! I just ask that you put the money to good use, if you don’t need it, give it away. If you need it, keep it. Have a great day! -Marcos”

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