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This girl's bucket list is all of us in a nutshell

Twitter user @Asbronaut (Josh) found his little sister Jesse's "bucket list" and graced us all with it on Twitter a couple days ago

If you're having trouble reading it, here's the list:

1. Eat a hammerhead shark, snake, and bear

2. Get a pet blobfish, kola (maybe koala?), sloth, and flingo (flamingo?)

3. Get a sign that said something in a different language and then I will translate it.

4. Try Ariel silks (somebody fill me in...what is this?)

5. Set in an empty room for a hour

6. Eat 10 Taco Bell Dorito taco (#goals)

7. Win a Taco Bell Dorito taco eating contest (goes hand in hand with #6)

8. Stay asleep for 24 hours

9. Pet a cheetah

This girl has it all figured out.  Meanwhile, here's me:

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