Starting Work Before 10am "Equivalent of Torture"

Going to work early in the morning is bad for you, and it's not just because of the awful traffic or obscene amounts of coffee you might drink.

Dr. Paul Kelley, a researcher at Oxford University (so you know it's legit), has laid out some theories about how starting the workday before 10am is the "equivalent of modern day torture"

He claims that the 8-hour workday was designed back in the 18th century to maximize factory production, ignoring our body's natural body clock, which has evolved more around sunlight than alarm clocks.

To support his theory, he had a British school move their class start time from 8:30am to 10:00am. Over a period of time, the school noticed better attendance records, productivity, and grades from the experiment.

According to Kelley, a later start time for your workday would increase happiness and productivity in the workplace, and likely make you healthier as well since you'd be less reliant on caffeine to get your day jumpstarted.

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