Zima is Coming Back!

Remember Zima? It was the first sort of "beer alternative" back in the early 90s...back before Mike's Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Ice were a thing.

Coors designed the product when beer sales were down, and people went NUTS for it (even though it really had no flavor, which is why you had to put a Jolly Rancher in it to make it even remotely pleasant).

Even though it's U.S. Popularity died, Zima never really STOPPED being a thing in Japan.  It's been sold overseas this whole time, and finally the company confirmed the comeback is on!

You'll have to stock up quickly though.  Zima's comeback is only a couple of months long.  It'll be in stores over the Fourth of July weekend, and will be out by Labor Day.

So make sure you get all of the pseudo malt-beer that your body can handle!

And enjoy this painfully bad 90s commercial for Zima to pump yourself up in the meantime

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