A Woman Made a Wedding Dress Out of Taco Wrappers

That's right, if you're heading to Vegas, you don't need one of those silly wedding chapels to get married...you just need Taco Bell!

The restaurant chain announced earlier that their new 24-hour Las Vegas location would, indeed, include a wedding chapel.  So you can celebrate the love of your life and your love of tacos in one magical evening.  And, to kick it off, they're giving away what they call "a dream wedding".  One woman, Diane Nguyen, is determined to win it.

So much so, that she made an entire wedding dress out of unused Taco Bell taco & burrito wrappers

She shared her picture on Reddit a couple of days ago, and it's taken on a life of its own since then.  At this point, with Buzzfeed and pretty much every online news outlet covering it, we'd be surprised if she didn't win.  Vote for Diane & her fiancee here

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