Urban Outfitters Is Selling This "Shirt"

Urban Outfitters is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of fashion, but they got a LOT of backlash over a new item that popped up on their website over the weekend.

The "Extreme Crop Tank Top Shrug" was on sale for $16, which is pretty expensive considering it's basically (at the risk of sounding like my dad) a pair of underwear that's being worn as a shirt.  It can't cost more than a dime to make this thing.

Anyway, the item didn't last long online, since understandably the internet was outraged about a piece of clothing being marketed as a "Crop top"...that doesn't even cover the bra.

Anyway, they yanked it off their website, pretty quick, but I'll bet if you really want it you can find it one of their stores.  Would you wear something like this?

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