The 5-Second Rule is Total B.S.

Friends, we've been being lied to our whole lives, and we may have been MISSING OUT!!!

You know the 5-second rule, right? Any time you drop food on the floor, you've got 5 seconds to grab it and still eat it safely.  Anything more than 5 seconds, and our food magically develops a disgusting film of bacteria and disease.  That's just science.

Except, it's not!

Scientists at Aston University have found that while the 5-second rule is TOTALLY LEGIT, it might even be longer for some foods.  For wet and sticky foods like ice cream or something with melted cheese on it, you definitely do want to grab it as quickly as possible to avoid bacteria.  But for dry foods like cookies or chips, they found that bacteria didn't start growing on the food until THIRTY MINUTES LATER!

So you can drop that potato chip, take a quick shower, maybe send out a tweet or two, and then pick the chip up and eat it with total peace of mind.

That said, I think I might not take my chances.  5-seconds on the floor I share with two dogs and a 6-month old baby still feels like a pretty germy undertaking.  But if your house is cleaner than mine, happy floor eating!

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