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Welcome to the Day Spa for Babies

As a father of a 6-month old, I can relate to all parents that say "I want nothing but for the best for my child".  We want the best food, the best educational toys, the highest-quality stroller...right? But this...this might be a little much.

Welcome to Baby Spa Perth.  It is, quite literally, a spa for babies.  For $65 a treatment, the Australian company will pamper your little one with a massage and "hydrotherapy" - which appears to just be the babies floating around in a warm tub with just their head above water.

Allegedly, this hydrotherapy is good for reducing colic and acid reflux and can even have longterm health benefits.

It also looks pretty freaking adorable.

The massage element is, just like with adults, works out the baby's muscles and stretches out his or her limbs, which encourages muscle growth and bone health.

The spa is designed primarily for newborns, as they accept "patients" between 2 days and 6 months old.

Also, the only franchises are in Australia and South Africa, so here stateside we just have to enjoy @babyspaperth's Instagram account and live vicariously through the pampered tots. 

Follow @babyspaperth on Twitter and Instagram and enjoy the daily cuteness.  You're welcome.

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