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A College Student Has Figured Out The Best Way To Use Tinder

A 20-year old college student in Missouri has figured out a whole new way of using Tinder...and it has NOTHING to do with hooking up.

Well, I mean, the guys THINK it might.  But it definitely doesn't.

So basically, Maggie's bio says "Send me $5, we'll see what happens".

Dudes...well, being dudes...are not that bright when it comes to cute girls.

So, after they match her, a conversation like this happens.

So, what DOES happen whenever the dude sends her 5 bucks?

She unmatches them.  Ghosts them.  

It's not exactly a get-rich-quick scheme, but Maggie does say she's gotten about 20 matches to send her the money in a week...and a hundred bucks for a college kid is no joke.

Also, since she's not exactly promising anything, she can't get in trouble for it.

Naturally, the internet is in love.

Okay, so credit where credit is due...Maggie is a genius.  It's so simple and so obvious, and BAFFLING that no one's tried this before her.

But dudes...come on.

What did you think 5 bucks was gonna get you!?!? Do you really think some girl is gonna say "Okay, you gave me 5 bucks...let's hook up". NOT HAPPENING. Save your five bucks and buy some tacos.

Follow Maggie on Twitter and witness her epic plan for yourself here

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