Millie Bobby Brown from "Stranger Things" Had to Cancel An Appearance

We know Millie Bobby Brown as the badass "Eleven" from Stranger Things, but in all honesty she's just a 13-year old girl who's been thrust into the spotlight IN A HURRY!

Not only is she filming Season 2 of Stranger Things (which we have NO chill about), but she's also working on some other projects AND doing the convention circuit to promote the new season.

She just had to cancel an appearance at Collective Con in Florida over the weekend, but she went to Instagram to let her fans know why

It's easy to brush off "exhaustion" as a terrible excuse for breaking a commitment, but don't forget she's THIRTEEN! This has to be a huge lifestyle adjustment for her, and major kudos for posting the video and handling it in such a mature way.

We hope you get better soon Millie! Somebody load her up with Eggos STAT...

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