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Now There's Jeans That Show Off Your Butt Crack

There's a company called Vetements.  Unless you're filthy rich, you probably haven't heard of them.  Their stuff is super high-end and trendy.  And by super high-end and trendy, I mean like over a thousand dollars for a pair of pants trendy.

Lots of celebs have been spotted wearing Vetements gear, if that gives you an indication.  For example, Big Sean...

And Lindsay Lohan (although had it not been for the brand name here I would have just thought that Lindsay fell on hard times and boarded the subway following a bender)

Anyway, one of their new creations "VETEMENTSxLEVIS" is allowing you to show a little skin...but having a zipper on the butt.

The zipper allows you to show a little buttcheek...or...if you're feeling really adventurous, most of a cheek and some crack as well.

Okay, I get that I'm not the most fashion-forward person in the world.  I still wear cargo shorts and my favorite jeans come from American Eagle because I like how they fit.

But still...I can at least understand some fashion trends.  This one?? I got nothing.

At no point would I be walking down the street behind a girl wearing these and go..."MAN, her showing off her butt crack is super hot".  Instead, I'd probably think she ripped her pants and was in desperate search of something to cover it up.  

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer my pants to zip in the front, thank you.

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