Justin Bieber's Tour Rider is Ridiculous and Hilarious

Justin Bieber's tour is overseas with a show in Mumbai, India coming up soon.

An Indian journalist got ahold of Bieber's tour rider, and it's rather...um...."interesting"

Tour riders are known for sometimes being a little ridiculous, because artists like to see what lengths venues will go for them.  This one, however, is bizarre even by Justin Bieber standards.  Among the things allegedly requested on his rider...

  • A special "Indian Yoga Casket", whatever that is, containing essential oils and incense sticks
  • A jacuzzi in his dressing room
  • A large, glass-door refrigerator packed with water and cream soda
  • A 5-star hotel turned into his private villa, with a dedicated elevator
  • A convoy of 10 luxury sedans and 2 Volvo buses, including a Rolls Royce reserved for Justin himself
  • A boombox with an iPhone battery
  • Gourmet meals re-named to reflect his hit songs....

Wait....WHAT!?!? Gourmet meals re-named to reflect his hit songs? What does that even mean? Like...you're renaming your foods things like "What Do You Mean-icotti" and "One Less Lonely Girl Scout Cookies"? 

I'm so confused by this.

To be fair, the journalist seems to be posting a story about Justin's rider, NOT the rider itself.  So no telling if there are some embellishments in his tweet.  But nonetheless, if even half of that is true, Bieber wins the "Weirdest Tour Rider Ever" Gold Medal.

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