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Nieman Marcus Selling "Pre-Destroyed Shoes"

Remember a few weeks ago when Nordstorm announced they were going to sell $425 "pre-mudded jeans"?

Everyone was like.."Wow, that has to be the stupidest fashion idea ever".

Well, enter high-end retailer Neiman Marcus, saying "Here, hold my beer".

Neiman Marcus announced that they would start selling "Future Destroyed High-Top Sneakers" for $1,425 a pair.  Basically...they're sneakers that have been "pre-destroyed".

So, to be clear, for $1,425, you can have a pair of shoes that look like your dog grabbed them



I have so many questions.  

On their website, Neiman Marcus describes the shoes and their designer as follows:

"Enigmatic Belgian designer Maison Margiela is a pioneer of avant-garde fashion, working with other deconstructionist designers during the 1980s to redefine luxury under radical new terms. In conjunction with the influential Antwerp Six and pioneers like Comme des Garcon's Rei Kawakubo, Margiela challenged the boundaries of convention, turning out extreme proportions, deconstructed designs, and conceptual pieces made from found objects like trash bags and seat belts. Though the famously reclusive Margiela is no longer with the label he sold in 2002, his distinctive vision is as relevant as ever, influencing a new generation of mainstream and directional designers alike."

Fashion made from trash bags and seat belts? Nah, I'll stick to my wardrobe from Target, thanks.

Check out the shoes from Neiman Marcus's Website Here

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