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Animaniacs is Coming Back!

Good news for 90s kids!! One of our favorite cartoons from back in the day is making a comeback.

Remember Animaniacs??

The show ran as part of "Fox Kids" back in the mid 90s, and has gained popularity recently since it got added to Netflix.  Well, thank to the new demand, Warner Brothers Animation is allegedly teaming up with Steven Spielberg, who created the original, to re-boot the series soon.

The show was centered around Wakko, Yakko, and Dot, who were trapped in the Warner Brothers lot watertower from the 1930s until their escape in the 90s. .

They taught us important things like geography

Made us laugh with awesome segments like Pinky and the Brain

And even gave us this wonderful nugget of animated wisdom.

In it's short run, Animaniacs won several Daytime Emmys and was critically-acclaimed for the amount of care that went into the production of the show, which often consisted of big musical numbers and careful character development.

We don't know much about the re-boot right now.  There's no timetable or network involved, and it's still in very early stages of development, but we hope it's soon!

For more on the re-boot, check out this article

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