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A Dating App with NO SWIPING!?!?

Disclaimer: I am no longer in the dating pool.  I'm married, I've got a 9-month old, and my wife and I have been together since Myspace was still a thing.

But, to be honest, I'm thankful, because I would SUCK at dating today.

Tinder? Bumble? Would STRESS ME THE F OUT.

I dunno, i'm just not a guy that I think would do very well on those apps.  Not saying I'm ugly or anything, but I don't think you look at a picture of me and go "Holy crap lemme swipe right on that".

And I'm definitely not clever enough to really get someone's attention in a line or two.

I'm sort of like a remora to a shark.  I just kind of show up and after a while you find out that I'm pretty great to have around.  BUSTING OUT THE BIOLOGY REFERENCES!

Anyway, long story short there's this new app called First that has NO SWIPING, no messaging option, or anything.  From what I can tell it what kind of date you would like to go on, get a few matches that are close by, and then it sets you up on a date right then and there.

Now see, THAT I could do! You know, sit down, have an actual conversation? Maybe the date would suck, maybe it would be awesome, but at least I wouldn't be judged by a picture or a one-liner.

If I was back in the dating pool, count me in.

Check out First here and happy non-swiping!

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