Kristen Bell's Parenting Hack Might Save Your Kids' Lives

I've been a parent for a whopping 9 months, so I haven't been fully immersed in parenting hacks yet...but I'm sure that a lot of you guys have tips and tricks to help keep your life a little more sane.

Kristen Bell is no exception.  She shared on Instagram a hack from her sister-in-law that very well could save your kids' lives.

You know when you're first getting out somewhere and your kids IMMEDIATELY want to jump out of the car and run around, no matter how safe or unsafe it may be?

Well, Kristen's sister-in-law invented "Hands on the Circle" (Gas cap).  Basically, you create a game by having your kids place their hands on the gas cap of the car to keep them in place while you do what you need to do (get out, get the car unloaded, etc).

What parenting hack have you invented or used that has saved you some headaches!? 

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