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Stuff In Arizona is LITERALLY Melting

Arizona is known for being super hot...but the kind of heat they're experiencing right now is sort of stupid.

Most of this week has been spent not in the 90s, not in the 100s, but in the 110s...with temperatures reaching as high as 120 degrees.

And whoever says "Oh, but it's a dry heat" clearly has no idea what it's like to be outside when it's 120 degrees.  It's actually so hot that Arizonans have been posting pictures of stuff melting on websites like Imgur and Reddit.

Lemme clarify what I mean by "Stuff melting". I'm not talking about like chocolate melting in your car.  I'm talking about ACTUAL INFRASTRUCTURE melting.  Like, for example, this fence which is forming into some weird goopy wall of slime

Or this poor unfortunate trash can that is now just a giant open chasm of crap.

Even the CACTUS, a plant that's designed to withstand extreme levels of heat...can't stand the heat!

And of course, because this is what people do when it gets super hot, cue the 14,000 posts about people baking cookies on the hood of their car.

Even driving isn't easy when it's this hot outside.  Forget the old-fashioned "driving glove", you need something way more heavy duty for this kind of weather.

And if you have leather seats? Might as well just stay home.

Be careful, Arizona friends!! And make sure you save some cookies for us.

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