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Frosted Tips are Making a Comeback

90s nostalgia is all the rage - with the fashion, movies, and accessories (slap bracelets, anyone) all storming back into popularity with a new generation.

But, maybe there's some things best left in the 90s.

Yes, some fashion blogs are celebrating the return of the frosted tips.

And it's not because people are all of a sudden obsessed with Guy Fieri

Carnival Cruise Lines Press Conference

No, apparently, frosted tips are being considered trendy for men again, and more than 10% of guys say that they would TOTALLY do it.

Kristen Stewart even joined the trend

As someone who grew up in the 90s and at one point had frosted tips (although with my dark hair color it was definitely more like orange tips), I'm begging you America...


I'm okay with your movie reboots, your JNCOs, and the revival of beloved childhood toys like Furby and Teddy Ruxpin.  But for the love of everything that is pure and holy, please do not bring back the abomination of frosted tips.

Unfortunately, most of the internet disagrees

So what do you think - would you be into frosted tips or nah?

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