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NPR Tweeted the Declaration of Independence and People Got Pissed

July 4th is a day for BBQ, fireworks...and most importantly, a celebration of what happened 241 years ago - the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the United States officially declaring itself as a sovereign nation from Great Britain.

One of the first lines of the Declaration is one of the most recognizable and notable phrases in human history.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal

Apparently, however, the words of the Declaration are not as well-remembered as our Founding Fathers would have liked.

National Public Radio (NPR) started what has become an Independence Day tradition back on July 4th, 1988.  Their "Morning Edition" show reads aloud the Declaration of Independence, in its entirely, live on the air.

This year, NPR decided to tweet along with the live broadcast, reminding everyone in the Twitterverse the words that Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and company so carefully crafted to begin the American Revolution.

Except, apparently, not everyone in America got the memo, and some of the tweets were seen as incendiary, anti-government, or attempting to start a Revolution (DUH, that's what the words were meant to do back in 1776!)

Guys....guys....a word of advice before you angrily tweet things:

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