Is R. Kelly Running a Cult and Brainwashing Women?

R. Kelly may be running a cult imprisoning women in his rental properties scattered around the country, according to an ongoing Buzzfeed News investigation.  

R. Kelly In Concert - Brooklyn, New York

Parents of an aspiring singer say they haven't seen their daughter since December, and even then she appeared "brainwashed" and told them she was "being held against her will".

Former female members of R. Kelly's inner circle have confirmed the girls' statements, saying that the R&B superstar has a large number of women being held against their will in various rental properties around the country.  According to these women, he controls what they eat, when they leave, and who they contact.  He allegedly also films his sexual encounters with them.

While all of the women in the investigation are of legal age, there are numerous allegations of false imprisonment and sexual misconduct in the girls' parents testimony.

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