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Goodbye, Coke Zero

Coke Zero is saying goodbye forever.  Well, sort of.

In response to Americans being more conscious of sugar intake as opposed to calories, Coca-Cola is re-branding its no-calorie drink as "Coke Zero Sugar", complete with a recipe makeover that promises to be their "best tasting zero-sugar Coca-Cola yet", according to CEO James Quincey.

Which isn't really saying much considering Diet Coke is the only other alternative and it tastes sort of like cough syrup.

It's actually not a totally out-of-left-field maneuver.  The re-brand has already taken place in countries like Great Britain and Mexico, and although they'd like you to believe it's a health-conscious maneuver, the real reason for the re-brand is likely in response to new taxes on soda and sugar-sweetened drinks.

Needless to say, when the headline "Goodbye Coke Zero" started trending today people FREAKED OUT (myself's the only caffeinated drink I actually like)

Hopefully they won't mess with the recipe too much, because anybody who's ever compared a Coke Zero to a Diet Coke knows that OMG there's a huge difference.

Now, Coca-Cola, here's another idea for you...


Coke Zero will start hitting U.S. shelves next month.  Check out the full story here

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