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You Can Own Part Of A #1 Song

So we all know the song "See You Again", right? From the Furious 7 soundtrack?

Wiz Khalifa & our BFF Charlie Puth put the song out in 2015 and it quickly became one of the most popular songs of the last decade.

And now you can own part of the song.

Weird, right?

Apparently one of the backup singers is trying to make some fast cash, and is selling off his share of the song on a Royalty Exchange website.

Bidding ends on Monday and currently stands at $34,000.

So would it be worth it?

Okay well let's do the math.

We don't know exactly what the singer's stake in the song is, but he claims to have made a shade over $11,000 in the past year from his share.  So, in THEORY, at that rate you would recoup your $34,000 in about three years and then start to profit from there.

That said, while "See You Again" had peaked in popularity long before August of last year, there was still money being made from DVD sales of Furious 7, TV syncs, and a larger amount of radio and streaming exposure than what the song experiences now. So you would expect that there's less money to be made each year off of the song - much like a car depreciates in value over time.

On a positive note, even if the royalty dwindles a little bit per year, the terms are for the life of the "author" (one Charles Puth) + 70 years, so it's safe to say that you would continue to draw some kind of paycheck from the song for the rest of your life and much of your children's lives as well before it goes into Public Domain.  So even if the share falls to $5,000 a year, you've got an opportunity to exceed your investment tenfold when it's all said and done.

And, since the song WAS so huge, who knows if it might get a big TV commercial sync, have a resurgence in popularity, or even be sampled or re-made at some point in the next 70+ years, which could create a huge windfall for those who have a royalty stake in it.

So, bottom line? If you've got $35,000 laying around this weekend, it might not be a bad investment.  Plus, you could tell people that you have a small part in a #1 record.  They don't have to know the whole story!

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