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Guys Are Sending in DATING APPLICATIONS To Skydive With Her

The internet is falling in love with a new Tinder "couple".  Emma is a 19-year old student at Purdue University.  Apparently her and her now ex-boyfriend both were adventure types, so she bought him a pair of tickets to skydive over Chicago.  Except he broke up with her before she could surprise him with the trip.

Not wanting to have the trip go unused, she went to Tinder to find a date for the adventure.

What she didn't expect is that dudes would literally start submitting applications to go on this date with her.  Some guy even found her on LinkedIn.

One guy, though, Austin (also a Purdue student), went above and beyond the call of duty to win the opportunity to take Emma on this skydiving adventure.

It started with a Tinder message....

And evolved into a full-blown resume and cover letter

Needless to say, Twitter is drooling over themselves about this potential match made in heaven.

After careful consideration, Emma decided to take Austin skydiving...and they actually already met for coffee to get to know each other.

The "couple" is going skydiving on October 28th, and we fully except marriage by October 29th.

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