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All the times our #SNSHouseParty Made It Into Demi's Documentary

Our girl Demi Lovato released her YouTube documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Confident today, and we kind of got a hint that Nashville might have a small part in it.

See, back in August, we threw one of five "Sorry Not Sorry House Parties" right here in town at the Fontanel Mansion, and her documentary crew was with her filming the madness.

So, needless to say, for totally selfish reasons, we watched the ENTIRE documentary to find all the times that Nashville showed up, and took screenshots for your viewing enjoyment

^^^^^^^^That's our sign!!!

Those letters were made by our Queen of Promotions and Marketing!

Oh, hello Batman Building!

There's the entrance to the Fontanel mansion with a few of you, our lovely contest winners, entering the party.

So you probably wouldn't know this, but that's the game room/lounge area at the Fontanel, and that's her best friend Matthew giving a rundown of the #SNSHouseParty tour in front of an awesome fish tank.

So we knew this would be in there, but obviously a big moment from our #SNSHouseParty was when Demi and Billy Ray Cyrus came out on stage together. That's in the documentary a TON.

Okay, so for obvious reasons this is my favorite.  The Easter Bunny? That's our very own Savannah Grimm...and the guy behind her?

That's me, guiding her through the crowd because she couldn't see a freaking THING in that outfit haha.

So I'm famous!!! I made it into Demi's documentary!!! 

Kind of a dark, blurry look, but that's the crowd getting hyped right before Demi comes on stage at Fontanel.

And here she is on stage! 

Those are a couple of cool shots taken from behind her on stage.  See if you can spot yourself!

We might have missed a couple, but those are the ones we saw.  Props to Demi and the Philymack team for a great documentary, and thanks for letting us be a part of it!

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