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Having A Baby? Register for Pizza

Baby registries have been around for years...and they are ALL the same.  Diapers, wipes, clothes, bottles, maybe a fancy wipe warmer (which you will not need, trust me).  But now, here's a registry that we can ALL Get behind.


Yes, my friends, Domino's Pizza has started a registry at and it is, without a doubt, the most brilliant idea they've had since Chocolate Lava Cake.

From much-needed pizza packages like the "Hormonal and Hangry" and the "Date Night at Home - #TBT to when it was a twosome"...

To adorable af pizza shoes for your little pepperoni lover...

And even parent-friendly pizza-related products

The Domino's Baby Registry has a little something for everyone.

For the record, I am NOT getting paid to promote this.  But I will tell you, as a parent of a now 1-year old, this is AMAZING.

If you don't have a kid, you probably think this is the dumbest idea ever.  But I'll tell you - whenever Jackson (my son) was a newborn, we had tons of diapers and wipes and bottle warmers and all kinds of crap.  You know what we didn't have?


Or time to cook food.

Or the energy to cook food.

So, yeah, if this had existed and my friends bought me an embarrassing amount of free pizza in lieu of a Peepee Teepee, I wouldn't have been upset about it all. 

So, kudos to you, Domino's Pizza.  Pizza is the universal love language.  GIVE ME PIZZA.

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