Google Is Getting Sued For Discriminating Against White Dudes

Google has come under fire as an employer in recent months, more specifically tied to a lawsuit filed by four women claiming unequal pay between male and female employees of the same job title.

A new lawsuit, however, is completely on the opposite end of the spectrum. James Damore, who was fired last year for internally circulating a memo arguing that Google's pay gap was because of women's "genetic inferiority", is now filing a suit that Google goes out of their way to discriminate against white male employees or interviewees.

In his suit, Damore claims that "Google’s management goes to extreme — and illegal — lengths to encourage hiring managers to take protected categories such as race and/or gender into consideration as determinative hiring factors, to the detriment of Caucasian and male employees and potential employees at Google", basically outlining that Google goes out of their way to preach diversity by encouraging hiring managers to prefer minorities and women over white men.

For updates on this story from Buzzfeed News, go here.  Apparently James and his lawyer are set to have a press conference this afternoon.

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