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Here Are The Three Women That Didn't Wear Black to the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes last night were not only a celebration of the year in film and TV, but also a show of support and unity against sexual harassment against women not only in Hollywood, but everywhere.  The crowd was a sea of black dresses and black tuxes, and most of the celebrities in attendance also donned a pin that said "Time's Up", a motto encompassing the movement and also the name of the Legal Defense fund set up to support lower-income women battling sexual harassment in the workplace.

My wife and I were watching the awards, and our first thought was "Wow, that's really cool that everybody is unified in one message".

Our second thought was "I wonder if there's anyone NOT wearing black".

The answer is...yes.  There were three women in the crowd that did not participate in the #TimesUp blackout.

BLANCA BLANCO, a relatively new actress with just a handful of pre-2017 film credits, says she wasn't intentionally ignoring the protest, she just "really likes red". It's also possible that she just didn't think it would be such a massive movement at the awards.

BARBARA MEIER, a German actress who tweeted that the movement is "great" but she wanted this to be a Golden Globes of the strong women, and that women "should not have to wear black to be taken serious". She wanted to showcase her personality through fashion.

The most notable exception was HFPA president MEHER TATNA, who took the stage wearing a bright red dress.  While people were initially upset about what appeared to be a break from the solidarity of the women her organization represents, she later noted that it was a nod to her Indian heritage and that "when you have a celebration, you don't wear black". For what it's worth, she DID wear one of the aforementioned #TimesUp pins.

Regardless of whether or not these women chose to participate, we respect the movement and hope that it continues to gain momentum throughout the upcoming awards season.

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