Beware of the iMessage "Text Bomb"....Here's How To Prevent It

A new bug is targeting iPhones, and you don't even have to click a link for your phone to be affected.

Basically, a text message CONTAINING the above link can be sent to an iPhone user and freeze their phone, possibly even crashing it.

The worst part? You don't even have to click the link. Just open the text itself. Basically, since iMessage shows you a "short preview" of a link, just opening the text will try to open the website, which is a malicious link.

Sound complicated? It is, but there's a pretty easy fix.

Since the link is to a malicious website, just copy/paste the link from the tweet above into your "blocked sites" setting on your phone

If you DO get the link and it crashes your phone, just go back into iMessage once you've rebooted and delete the entire text thread.

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