Your Next Job: Chicken Nugget Taste-Tester

If you're sick of your current job, I might have a new alternative for you.  Doesn't pay a ton, and it's part time. But you get to sit around and eat chicken nuggets all day so that's a job perk.

A supermarket chain in England called B&M is looking for a "Chicken Nugget Connoseiur" to taste-test their chicken nuggets and fish sticks and provide them feedback about different products so that they can put the highest quality brands on their shelves.

Sounds like a dream job right?

Well, maybe not so much. There's not really a "salary", per se.  B&M will give you 25 pounds (about $35) every month to buy their frozen products and try them out.

But if you wanna give it a go and move to England to eat chicken nuggets's the online application.

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