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Amazon's First Grocery Store is Here And People Don't Know What To Think

Amazon rolled out their cashier-less grocery store option near their headquarters in Seattle today, and Twitter is rightfully a little confused.

The store offers grocery essentials and pre-packaged food items, but there's no checkout process and no cashiers.  In fact, you just pick out what you want and walk out.  People can't help but notice it feels a lot like shoplifting.

Here's how it works:

1) Download the Amazon Go app

2) Scan your custom QR code from the app into a turnstile as you enter the store

3) As you shop, a series of QR codes and cameras pick up on what you take off the shelves and what you put back.  You're billed AFTER you exit the store.  If there's something incorrect, you can request a refund via Amazon.

No cashiers, no swiping a credit card, no long lines (allegedly, although there were huge lines for the grand opening this morning)

Although most shoppers love the convenience of the Amazon Go store, there's understandably some hesitation about the process as well.

And of course, there's the bigger picture economic threat of automating jobs, which hasn't gone unnoticed by some

So, what do you think? With Nashville in the running for Amazon's second HQ, could the second Amazon Go store be here as well? Would you shop there?

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