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Did Ed Sheeran Hint About His Proposal In "End Game"?

Ed Sheeran has had a pretty great start to 2018.  He scored a #1 song with "Perfect", he's featured on a huge hit song with one of his best friends Taylor Swift, and he got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Cherry Seaborn.

But did Ed hint about his impending proposal in his verse on "End Game?

People is circulating an interesting theory that seems nuts at first but actually might make TOTAL sense.

Listen to Ed's verse on the song...

The last line is "This end game is the one | Four words on the tip of my tongue".

At first listen, it fits in perfectly with the rest of the song...a great line about love that endures above all else. And maybe we missed it at first because we were so focused on the killer collaboration or the reference to Ed's first big hit "The A Team".

But let's look at the facts:

1) This end game is THE in "THE ONE" I'm going to marry.  It's what we always say when we think we've found the person we'll spend the rest of our lives with, right?

Okay, not convincing enough? Look at the next line.

2) "Four words on the tip of my tongue"....WHAT FOUR WORDS!?!?! "I Wanna Be Your End Game" is 6 words.  "I Love You" is 3 words.  Could the 4 words be "Will You Marry Me?" Was Ed giving us a hint this whole time that he was about pop the question?

It seems like just a happy coincidence, but we know how Taylor's songs work.  THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES.  Everything is planned and strategic, and with her Ed being besties, you KNOW that they had plenty of conversations about when/if Ed was going to propose.  So did they know? You HAVE to think that went into the writing process of the song.

And if so??? BRAVO, ED AND TAYLOR.  Bravo.

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